Little Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2009

Reyna Montalvo – Little Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2009

Reyna Montalvo was born in Galveston, TX, with the diagnosis of Arthrogryposis, lives in San Leon, TX and is attending first grade. Arthrogrtposis is a condition in which the muscles are contracted involving several joints and limiting the use of arms and legs. Reyna uses an electric wheelchair that she controls with her head; she is able to have independence. Reyna has many favorite things among them are the color green, playing computer games such as Hello Kitty and My Fantasy Wedding and as many six year olds will agree she loves Hannah Montana. Reyna also enjoys going to the beach, finding sea shells, and playing in the sand. Reyna is a very inquisitive and extremely bright child. Reyna is very talented at painting and drawing with her mouth. She can us her mouth to write, flips pages in books, color, and much more. When Reyna grows up she wants to be a Pediatrician, she wants to help take care of other children. Reyna embraces life with much enthusiasm and great determination.