Little Miss Wheelchair Texas 2015

Autumn Fought – Little Miss Wheelchair Texas 2015


Autumn, as she is called, was born early. She was born at 28 weeks, and she weighed a mere 3 lbs. Her birth mother was addicted to drugs, and Autumn went through withdrawals immediately. She was placed for adoption at birth, but she would spend the first six months of her life in the NICU undergoing three surgeries. In April of 2010, Autumn came home. She fit our family perfectly, and she would continue to amaze us. Autumn was diagnosed with Paraplegia when she was just a year old. She received her first wheelchair shortly after, and within hours she was doing wheelies down the ramp. Autumn manipulated her surroundings to accommodate for her needs. She quickly learned how to climb on to furniture and even climb in and out of her bed.

At two years old, Autumn began to experience a lot of pain in her lower back. After several appointments, it was determined that Autumn would require an amputation surgery to relieve her pain. Below her knee, her muscle was atrophying, and amputation was the only option. Autumn underwent surgery in February of 2013. She awoke from surgery with a smile on her face, and later that evening she was even having a tea party! Autumn began to ask for feet. At birth, her feet was clubbed, and they did not grow. She had never owned a pair of shoes, and the girl wanted shoes! After three “nos” to prosthetics, we began to lose hope. Autumn, however, was persistent. Finally, we found a doctor that referred us to a tiny company. We went on a wing and a prayer. Within an hour, Autumn had persuaded them to make her some feet. She is now the proud owner of pink and green polka dot prosthetics. Though she does not walk, she now owns many pairs of shoes.

Autumn lights up a room. She is funny and engaging. She is a star and a force. Autumn does not allow her disability to negatively affect her. She participates in cheerleading and gymnastics. She loves to help others, and she has the best sense of humor. When asked what happened to her legs, you can never tell what Autumn’s response will be! Autumn has consistently changed her community. At just five years old, she touches people. She has overcome so much, and she truly loves to inspire others.