Little Miss Wheelchair Texas 2013

Kirsten Passmore-Little Miss Wheelchair Texas 2013


Kirsten was born in Vietnam on May 11, 2001. She was adopted by Brett and Amy Passmore in the fall of that year. Upon arriving in the States, Kirsten began undergoing tests to determine the cause of her developmental delay. At the age of 2, she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

As a child, Kirsten has attended physical therapy, conductive education, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, had botox injections, and has had two surgeries on her legs. Kirsten has handled all of these situations with a positive, determined attitude.

Kirsten is homeschooled and is very involved in activities. She sings with the Heaven Sent Choir at concerts, local hospitals, and nursing homes. She volunteers with a service organization, CHATA (Christian Homeschoolers in the Atascocita Texas Area), and has just raised over $450.00 for a Texas Children’s Home. Kirsten has been able to attend several classes at the Texas State Capitol in Austin and has written a bill promoting accessibility to area businesses. She enjoys learning about the legislative process and is looking forward to the class again in April.

Kirsten plays Minecraft on her laptop in her spare time and loves to ride rollercoasters! Disney World is her favorite vacation spot! She loves to draw and play with friends. Star Wars is her favorite movie; and if you have any questions about anything Star Wars related, she is the person to ask!