2018 Ms. Wheelchair Texas Angel Arredondo

Angel Arredondo, Ms Wheelchair Texas 2017Angel Arredondo from San Marcos, Texas, was born with a rare condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. Angel has overcome many obstacles that most people would consider far too difficult. Although she lived with limitations, she always considered them to be blessings.At a young age she recognized her self acceptance and confidence which led her to raising a family of her own. She isthe wife of Hyman Arredondo and mother of a grown daughter, Estrellita Steward who is currently working on her Masters in Higher Education Leadership and Policy.

In the past, she was a toddler teacher at a preschool then moved on to be a substitute teacher of all grades. Angel published her first children’s book, I Love My Red Wagon. It is the first of a book series touching on her experiences as a child living with a disability and how her wagon contributed to not only her mobility but also her success as a motivated student, playful friend and independent girl.She is currently working on the production of her second book, I Love Walking In Water. These books are just two of five in her Angel’s Heart Series that touch on every milestone of her development at overcoming the many obstacles other children with disabilities face daily along with the people that interact with them. Many area schools request her to visit as a guest author reading and discussing her book in two languages. She is a keynote speaker for diversity in the workplace, on the Wheel Magnolias panel, a member of the Stone Brook Seniors activities committee, a presenter for the We Are Girls Empowerment Network and the Youth Writers’ Workshop, an inclusion model for PhotoAbility.net, and a committee advisor on the production of a new informative website with resources for disabled women’s pelvic health and reproduction.

Currently, Angel is a very active advocate for disability rights.She was motivated to attend a course in advocacy training with the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities and accompany them and ADAPT of Texas to the State Capital in order to speak with our legislators on the importance of our independence. In celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act’s silver anniversary, she marched for a law that gave us equality and public accessibility. She frequently accompanies the trailblazers and heroes of ADAPT of Texas to bring awareness to the civil rights of her peers andjoin their state disability voting coalition called REV UP Texas. This is anon partisan effort to REGISTER the disability community, EDUCATE them on theissues and encourage them to VOTE.

Her life’s work has been and will be a voice for her peers until public accessibility becomes not only an addition to all structures/businesses in our communities but until it becomes the luxury and normalcy of OPTIONS that the able bodied community takes for granted.

People with disabilities strive for their own independence and with that comes freedom. She strongly believes that confidence in gaining freedom begins, for many, at an early age in order to be a successful adult in each community. No matter the struggle or difference, EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE.

Another factor Angel is certain about herself and other wheelchair users is, “We are unlimited. We can do anything and everything. Our wheels just get us there faster.”

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