About the Program

About the Program

The Little Miss Wheelchair Texas program was brought about 9 years ago when a beautiful, amazing little girl, Abby Kent, attended the 2007 Ms. Wheelchair Texas Gala.  Angela Wigglesworth, the State Coordinator, had an extra sash and noticed Abby in her wheelchair.  Angela named her Little Miss Wheelchair Texas, and thus, the program was born.

There have been 9 girls to follow in Abby’s “tracks” at Little Miss.  The program has grown significantly over the years and has become a highlight of the MWTX Gala.  Each spring when the MWTX hosts its annual gala, a new Little Miss is crowned.  The event is centered around an exciting weekend full of girly events and leadership training opportunities.  The women contestants are able to spend time with the younger girls, providing life changing relationships and rewarding experiences.

The Little Miss Tea Party is an exceptional event held before the gala.  This event allows young ladies with special abilities and their friends without “special” abilities to interact and do what they do best: hang out together, eat special treats, and have a great time!  They learn that they are each special in their own way and equipped to do remarkable things with their lives.

Once the new Little Miss is crowned, her year has just begun.  She developsher own “platform” and travels around Texas sharing her message with those she meets.  The reigning Little Miss will speak at sporting events, to school groups, and numerous other venues throughout her reign.  The year is full of incredible opportunities and experiences!!

This program is made possible by very hard work of the parents and families of the new Little Miss and the support of a wonderful Board of Directors.  To ensure that the year is geared to the reigning princess, the parents are encouraged to seek out the above mentioned “events and groups”. By reaching out to an unlimited amount of potential opportunities, the success of the year depends almost entirely on the quality and quantity of engagements.  The parents of the newly crowned Little Missare the ones who know where the passions and interests of their child will lead them.  We have several previous parents who will offer assistance and advice as to how to go about such an adventure.  Though it can seem overwhelming, I assure you the work is more than worth it.  When my daughter was crowned in 2013, I had no idea at the time of how our lives would change.  I encourage you, to take this opportunity and find out what is in store for your daughter…